Three-parent babies coming soon to UK?


NSFW    Three-parent babies may soon be a reality in the UK as scientists push for the legalization of engineered embryos. Hmmm, sounds like a scene out of Gattaca!

If this sounds creepy to you, it's because it totally is. The three-parent process is an attempt to eliminate genetic abnormalities in embryos by using a healthy DNA from a third person during the creation of the embryo. In short, Britain is trying to figure out if it's kosher to genetically engineer kids or not.

The IVF-like technique helps avoid mitochondrial diseases such as muscular dystrophy that are found only in maternal genes. Because of this, scientists will use female donors. Jeremy Hunt, Britain's public health secretary, is currently meeting with scientists to see if the health benefits outweigh the ethical problems.

We're interested to hear what you think? Does this sound like a procedure that can vastly improve or even save the lives of millions? Or is it a creepy Hitleresque move towards eugenics? Let us know in the comments!
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