This skyscraper would hang upside down from an asteroid

Residents would parachute to work as the tower’s orbit took it over New York City.


NSFW    NEW YORK — Imagine a daily commute that involves parachuting down to earth. A New York City-based architectural firm has plans that would allow you to do exactly that, with a skyscraper suspended from an orbiting asteroid.

Clouds Architecture Office has previously came up with incredible plans for a Mars house and a cloud city. Their newest design, introduced in February, is called Analemma Tower.

Analemma would be powered by space-based solar panels, with fresh water provided by condensation from clouds and rain. The water would be filtered and recycled in a semi-closed loop system.

Suspended from the asteroid by strong cables, the tower would follow a geosynchronous orbit, tracing a figure-eight pattern over the northern and southern hemispheres once per day. This eccentric orbit would allow it to move slowest as it passes over New York City. Residents would parachute down to work as the orbit slows.

The tower would be divided into a business area at the bottom, residential in the middle, and worship towards the top. At the apex would be space for burials, while surface transfer points would lie at the bottom.

According to Clouds Architecture Office, construction would take place in Dubai, which has proven record in the construction of tall buildings, at one fifth the cost of New York City.
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