This petite patrolwoman chased a giant polar bear away from an Alaskan village

A courageous part-time patrolwoman managed to chase away a polar bear that had made its way into the home of an elderly Alaska woman.


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Ruby Kaleak, a part-time polar bear patrol officer in the Alaskan town of Kaktovik, and her partner are both Chuck Norris-grade demons.

The pair managed to shoo away a gigantic polar bear threatening an elderly woman last week, according to an Alaska Dispatch report.

Kaleak last Friday received a call on a VFH radio and could barely make out someone whispering the words “arctic entryway, polar bear.”

On the other end was 81-year-old Betty Brower, calling from underneath a large window in her home after a humongous polar bear had broken in and began gulping down a drum of seal oil.”

When Kaleak and her co-worker arrived at Brower’s home to inspect the scene, the 5’2’’ patrolwoman suddenly came upon the massive beast.

The pair courageously shooed away the animal, not firing a single bullet.

Apart from being a little shaken, Brower was thankfully uninjured.

The incident wasn’t the first time the elderly woman has had an encounter with a polar bears. In August, a bear nearly broke into her canvas tent at a fishing camp outside the town.

Ever the bad-ass, Kaleak, for her part, said she regretted not having taken a photo because the bear was the biggest she’d ever seen.
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