This is why you don't rob donut shops

Our underachieving thief should have stopped when he knocked over a Dollar General last week, but nope-- he had to enter the belly of the beast.


NSFW    Good Cop

That's right folks, the Philly PD dutifully had this donut shop staked out ...

OK, this is too easy — Go on and make all the jokes you want about cops n' donuts here...we'll wait.

Done? Can we move on? Good.

This surveillance video from this past Monday shows a robbery in progress at the Dunkin Donuts on the 6000 block of North Front Street, on Philadelphia's Northeast side. Because of recent ROBBERIES (not donuts) in the area, detectives stepped up patrols, hoping to catch the suspect in the act.

And catch them they did. Officers Sherman and Austin slipped in behind the suspect and got him disarmed without any shots fired.

The suspect, 20-year-old Russell Mason-Watts, didn't even have a real gun. Brandishing a BB gun while committing a Class A felony has been known to lead to severe lead poisoning, but thankfully the cops seemed to notice the fake gat.

Mason-Watts is also suspected of robbing another store in the same area about a week ago.
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