This is why 'ji32k7au4a83' is a super common password

Blame the Taiwanese.


NSFW    TAIPEI — If you're a person that's on the hunt for an ultra secure password, try this one—ji32k7au4a83.
Last week, hardware/software engineer Robert Ou asked over Twitter why ji32k7au4a83 was such a commonly spotted password on HIBP.

According to Gizmodo, Have I Been Pwned is an aggregator started by security expert Troy Hunt to help people find out if their email or personal data has shown up in any big data breaches.
The site can check if your password has shown up in any big data breaches, and in this case, ji32k7au4a83 been identified in 141 breaches by HIBP.
But why? Blame the Taiwanese. According to Ou's Twitter responses, the password is coming from the Bopomofo system for typing Mandarin.
So in Taiwan, when you want to write the Mandarin phrase "我的密碼", you type in ji32k7au4a83, which in English literally translates to "my password."
Guess it's time to update '123456'.
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