This is the LA ‘serial killer' police say is behind a week-long shooting spree

Investigators say Alexander Hernandez is the lone gunman behind a series of deadly, and apparently random, shootings in the Los Angeles suburbs.


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Police have arrested the 34-year-old man they believe is a serial killer who went on a multi-day killing spree through an LA suburb.

Alexander Hernandez of Sylmar is suspected in at least seven shootings that left three people dead and several others injured.

It began on August 20, when police believe Hernandez shot at a woman as she exited the 5 freeway near Atwater Village.

The next morning, 48-year-old Gildardo Morales was gunned down in his pickup truck in Pacoima while sitting at a red light on his way to work.

On Friday, a man matching Hernandez’s description driving a gold or tan SUV followed and shot at victims in West Hollywood, missing them.

On Saturday, Hernandez allegedly shot three dogs killing two of them while driving through Pacomia.

The next morning a family of five were ambushed en route to church killing 23-year-old Mariana Franco. Her parents were injured and are still hospitalized. A vehicle matching the description of Hernandez's was seen fleeing the scene reports said.

Forty minutes later, a 29-year-old man was found shot to death in a Sylmar park.

About 20 minutes later, he allegedly shot and killed 57-year-old Gloria Tovar a church usher, who was waiting to take a friend to church.

Police connected Hernandez to the shootings based on the type of weapon he used a pistol grip shotgun, reports said.

They took him into custody Sunday night after an hour long stand-off.

Hernandez is being held on a million dollar bond and faces a slew of charges in connection with the multi-day shooting spree that left three people dead.
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