This Florida police officer's kind actions may just change the way you feel about law enforcement officials

A Florida police officer one little boy’s day recently by replacing his birthday presents after a heartless thief stolen them.


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Jacksonville officer Derek Practico made one little boy’s day after a heartless thief made off with all his birthday presents.

Practico responded to a report of a theft back in late March and found a very sad mom who was distraught because she had no money to replace the stolen gifts.

After returning to the station to file the report, Practico decided that no kid deserves to endure a giftless birthday. So like a police guardian angel he flew off and bought the boy some replacements gifts. Plus a birthday cake and a card — all out of his own pocket.

Before delivering them to the house the next day, along with a bonus present — a $100 gift card for mom.

Asked about his angelic deed, Practico said, “It was the right thing to do.”
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