This drunk idiot pulled a loaded gun on a little boy during a game, killing him

A Montana man is facing up to 20 years in prison after shooting and killing a 3-year-old boy while playing gun tag drunk and with a loaded weapon.


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A three-year-old boy is dead and his alleged killer, Galen Hawk, 26, faces negligent homicide charges in a game of “gun tag” gone wrong, court documents showed.

Hawk told police he spent the day drinking whiskey and alcoholic lemonade before playing a game of tag with little Lonato Moran-Allen.

When Moran-Allen pointed a toy gun at Hawk, he pointed back a 380 handgun, shooting the boy in the back.

Hawk attempted CPR and rushed the boy the hospital where he later died.

Hawk told police he was unaware the gun was loaded, and said he did not mean to shoot the boy.’

Hawk’s attorney asked the judge to allow Hawk to attend the boy’s funeral, but a response to the request has not yet been issued.

An obituary in the Missoulian lists Hawk as the boy’s uncle.
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