Thieves use mechanical diggers to rip open armored van in Italy

Robbers used two mechanical diggers to peel the armored van open like a potato.


NSFW    MATERA, ITALY — In what will probably be showing up in the next Fast & Furious, thieves in southern Italy used mechanical diggers to rip open an armored van and made off with $2.3 million and change.
According to Reuters, the blue security van left the city of Bari carrying a boatload of pensions to be distributed in post offices in nearby Matera when it was Dominic Toretto-ed by two trucks.

That's when Brian and Agent Hobbs showed up with two diggers, using the mechanical arms to open the armored van like a can of sardines.

The two trucks were then torched as the crew made off with the cash in a getaway car.
Three guards accompanying the money were unharmed in the brazen heist.
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