The Verruckt: World's tallest and fastest water slide is the stuff of nightmares


NSFW    The Verruckt Meg-A-Blaster is being called the world's tallest and fastest water slide, and the Kansas City waterpark company building it claims it will shatter existing world records.

The new water slide at Schlitterbahn is expected to shatter the current record for height held by the 164-foot high Kilimanjaro in Barra do Pirai, Brazil.

Verruckt means "insane" in German, and the slide, is scheduled to debut in May next year and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Adventurous souls must climb an agonizing 264 steps to reach its staggering 17 story-tall top. Four-person rafts will next send them hurdling back down to earth at a minimum speed of 65 mph.

The ride includes a five-story hump that shoots riders upwards as a climactic finish to what will no doubt become known as a bowel-loosening attraction.

At least there's one important thing thrill seekers won't have to worry about. "There are no wedgies," Winter Prosapio, corporate director of communications at Schlitterbahn told the Los Angeles Times. "Seventeen stories with a wedgie would be really bad."

Company officials have been keeping mum on the exact height of the slide until they have a chance to consult with Guinness World Records.
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