The Bambi pose is taking over Instagram

The hottest new Instagram is called the Bambi pose. Yay!!


NSFW    INSTAGRAM — Oh deer, just in time for summer. A hot new trend is blowing up that everyone is fawning over on the Gram. Say hello to the Bambi pose.

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve probably started to notice these snaps popping up in your feed.

These aren’t just any old filtered photos. To pull off a successful Bambi pose takes years of extensive training and crazy discipline.

First you need to find a suitable surface like the floor, poolside or at the beach. Then you put yourself into a zen-like state before sitting down.

But for it to be a real-deal Bambi pose, your thighs need to be placed over your calves.

There are several different variations of the Bambi pose, but all of them should only be performed by trained professionals. If not, you risk serious injury.
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