The 53% Rap -- Original Version


NSFW    "I am the 53 percent." You've seen on the online petition and Tumblr blog. Now hear the rap song!

Exclusive from Next Media Animation, we present to you the 53 percent rap song. This track is available now in iTunes, with the full animated version to be released the week of November 7, 2011.

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The 53% Rap -- Radio Version -- Single

The 53% Rap -- Original Version -- Single
A Next Media Animation / Jayse Wan of Good Lyfe Addikts collabo

About the 53 percent rap song

The 53 percent rap song is an ode to the struggles of a 53 percenter who, like others in her cohort, does not expect help from the government. Despite her troubles, she is fiercely proud of the hardships she must endure and believes in personality responsibility.

Who are the 53 percent?

"The 53 percent" is an opposition group to the 99 percent Occupy Wall Street movement. The 53 percent refers to the percentage of Americans reportedly paying federal income taxes.

The group claims taxes would be forced higher should the 99 percent and Occupy Wall Street be successful in their goals, which are a "massive redistribution of wealth and an elimination of capitalism."

The 53 percent have life struggles, just like everyone else. But this group does not believe the 1% of wealthy or government bears responsibility for fixing these problems.

53 percent rap song lyrics

I wasn't born in a hospital, my momma's too poor
I had to bite through my own umbilical cord
Started working as a bagger at the age of twelve
For Christmas I'd take a double shift as Santa's elf

Tried to go to college, I had to take on debt
Got knocked up, haven't graduated yet
Spent my life slaving for a minimum wage
Then I got laid off and now I'm middle aged

But that don't bother me, coz my gang is 53
percent! mother fuckers, yeah you know me!
Hold my sign for all to see, coz I'm down with 53.
Represent! all my brothers, yeah you know me!

Got cancer last year, shit went Stage Four
Cut it out with a knife, threw the tumor on the floor
You call it hard core? Public healthcare is for commies
Suck it up 99. Go cry to your mommies.

Took a sub-prime mortgage due to easy credit lending.
B of A foreclosed my home, now my FICO is mending.
I don't blame Wall Street coz I wanna be rich
Till then I work three jobs. Man, life's a bitch.

CROWD: 53 percenters, come help us fight!
WOMAN: Fuck off, 99ers, I'll make it on my own alright?
CROWD: How, 53ers, when you can't even make rent?
WOMAN: Fuck off, 99ers, one day I'll be 1 percent!

I don't blame the 1 percent for all my problems.
Occupy Wall Street? You just want to tax and rob them.
Gonna hang loose with my homie, Tony Bologna
Pepper you hippies up like rice a roni

Stop blaming bankers, shed your entitlement
Real Americans don't ask for help from government
If you're poor in USA you probably deserve it
Get your ass to Mickey Ds, flip those burgers and work it.
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