Thai teacher goes viral for cool class welcomes

Well, she probably went viral for a few other reasons too.


NSFW    CHACHOENGSAO, THAILAND — An elementary school teacher in Thailand has gone viral for her creative and heartwarming way she welcomes her class in the morning.
In a video posted to Facebook, 25-year-old Nattaya Nat is seen giving her students a kindhearted morning hello.
Nat teaches at the Banpruewai School in Chachoengsao province and gives her students a choice of four different greetings: 1. hug, 2. handshake, 3. fist-bump and 4. High-five.
The pupils are scene lining up to enter the classroom and picking their personalized what's up.
Her video has already racked up more that 3.8 million views, with over 37,000 shares and a boatload of comments.

Nat has also shared other videos of her and her students learning and having fun together in class.
Well—she definitely gets an A for effort.
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