Thai king marries his security chief making her the new queen

Hail the queen?


NSFW    BANGKOK — Thailand's crop toppin' King Vajiralongkorn has taken the plunge with his head bodyguard.

According to the BBC, the announcement came out of left field before his massive coronation bash kicks off on Saturday.
An official announcement in the Royal Gazette said Suthida Vijiralongkorn Na Ayudhya legally tied the knot with the 66-year-old king, and is henceforth Queen Suthida.
According to CBS News, the 40-year-old queen used to be a flight attendant for Thai Airways. The two love birds apparently met on a flight.
In 2014, Vajiralongkorn made Suthida deputy commander of his bodyguard unit. Then in December 2016, he bumped her up to full general in the army.

Super exciting video from the wedding was shown on Thai TV with the Crop Topper pouring sacred water on the head of Queen Suthida. The two then signed a marriage registry.
According to CBS News, Thailand is ruled by a military government, and the royal family still holds a lot of power.
Insulting the monarch, queen or heir apparent is punishable by three to 15 years in prison under Thai law.
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