Thai boys rescued from cave may face "cave disease"

The boys rescued from the cave in Thailand may face health risks, such as "cave disease."


NSFW    THAILAND — All the boys and their coach have been rescued from the cave in Thailand, but they may have to face another challenge: cave disease.

Cave disease, also called histoplasmosis, is a fungus infection that is "aided by nutrients it gets from bat and bird droppings," reports ABC News.

The disease is reportedly transmitted via air, with the fungus becoming airborne through its spores that are so tiny they are "undetectable to the human eye."

However, the disease itself is not contagious from person to person.

According to the CDC, any movement that disturbs the ground like digging or even walking can spread the disease.

Histoplasmosis may affect those with a weaker immune system, causing the disease to "spread from the lungs to … the brain."

Those who don't get sick may appear to have a flu, or have body aches and chest pain.

One way to prevent "cave disease" is to avoid walking into any caves where bird and bat droppings are suspected to be there.
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