Thai and Japanese satellites spots floating objects in search for missing MH370 flight

Japanese and Thai satellites have sent new satellite images to Malaysian authorities showing separate debris fields as the search for missing flight MH370 continues.


NSFW    Japan and Thailand satellites have sent new satellite images to Malaysia showing separate debris fields in the search for missing MH370 flight.

The announcements come days after similar findings in several nearby locations.

According to CNN, on Thursday Japanese satellites spotted about 10 objects in a 10-kilometer radius some 2,500 kilometers from Perth, Australia, while Thailand spotted more than 300 floating objects around 200 kilometers from the spot where a French satellite captured 122 pieces on Sunday.

“We detected floating objects, perhaps more than 300,” Anond Snidvongs, the head of Thailand's space technology development agency, told Reuters.
The objects however could not be confirmed as debris from the plane.

The pieces found by Thailand range from two to 15 metres in size, while among the objects found by the Japanese the biggest one measures four by eight meters, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

According to satellite imagery expert Stephen Wood, the satellites could be seeing something as simple as whitecaps, which can look deceptively like solid objects, CNN reported.

Miles O'Brien, a CNN aviation analyst, said that what he sees on the latest satellite images do not look like everyday garbage to him.

In any case, according to experts, even if the spotted materials are debris from MH370 flight, due to the complex currents of the Indian Ocean they could have already drifted hundreds of miles.
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