Texas spoils SEC-bound A&M's Big 12 finale


NSFW    Texas beat Texas A&M 27-25 on Thanksgiving in possibly the last game of Texas' best college football rivalry. The Aggies are leaving the Big 12 for the SEC because they're tired of playing second fiddle to the Longhorns and fed up with how Texas bullies other members of the Big 12, most notably its insistence on making more money from TV contracts than any other team. The last straw was when Texas signed a 20-year, $300 million deal with ESPN to create the Longhorn Network, a TV channel that broadcasts continuous coverage of the University of Texas.

A&M bolted for the Southeastern Conference, where it will be treated more fairly but where it is also likely to be a perennial doormat. A&M will play in the SEC West along with LSU, Arkansas and Alabama, currently the best three teams in college football. The SEC West is otherwise known as the toughest division in the NCAA.

The Aggies still want to play Texas, but Texas says its non-conference schedule is already booked for years to come. But that's not the real reason why Texas won't play A&M. Texas wants to punish the Aggies for leaving the Big 12 and would rather not play A&M, which has won 13 of the last 26 times it played the Longhorns. Thus ends the third-longest rivalry in college football.

Texas can now play even more boring games against non-conference doormats to pad its BCS statistics. Meanwhile, A&M fans will have to travel out of state for every conference game, when they used to be able to drive a few hours to see Texas Tech, Baylor and Texas.
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