Texas mom brings gun to fist fight and points weapon directly at girl's head

A Houston-area mother found herself behind bars after pointing a gun at one of her daughter’s classmates after the two into a physical altercation.


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A Texas mother was caught pointing a gun at one of her daughter’s classmates after she saw the two fighting outside their high school at an area park, according to a KPRC2 report.

Viridiana Alvarez, 33, was arrested for aggravated assault on Tuesday, according to Pasadena police said.

The two female students apparently walked across the street from their school to settle their differences after school had ended, according to school officials.

Renea Ivy-Sims with Pasadena ISD said Alvarez, the mother of one of the girls, arrived and pulled out a weapon, pointing it at the other student when she saw them punching each other.

Other classmates watched on and recorded the incident on their cellphones, while a few students went back to the school and notified school administrators.

A letter was sent out by the district informed parents of the incident on Wednesday.

Alvarez is currently in Harris County Jail. Her bond is set at $30,000, according to Harris county records.
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