Texas cop and part-time pastor busts a serious cap in this gangster's tail

This dashcam footage should serve as a reminder why criminals should never challenge the long arm of the law. Unless lead poisoning is in fashion now.


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This newly released dashcam video comes to us from the usually sleepy suburban town of Hedwig Village, Texas, just outside of Houston. This was their first deadly officer-involved shooting in nearly 20 years.

The suspect being chased is 36-year-old Emilio Solis, who amongst other things, was in the US illegally.

He was known to have been selling drugs in and around LA for a few years and had an outstanding warrant for that along with several more on aggravated assault.

Perhaps that’s why he decided to pack up and head east to the Houston area.

Now at one point in the chase, Solis lets a passenger out of the car.

Later identified as Edwin Benitez, he was rounded up when he and Solis’ girlfriend tried to recover the car from the police impound lot.

Eventually the chase came to a close in a hail of gunfire. Solis bolts from the car, shooting at the officer. However Officer Andrea Gibson’s shots were more accurate, dropping the perp to the ground. Solis later died enroute to the hospital.

Gibson, a 3½ year veteran of the Hedwig Village force, suffered no injuries, but came close when a bullet ripped through a pant leg near his ankle. The part-time pastor has yet to comment on the incident.
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