Tesla to help South Australia build world's largest virtual power plant

South Australia is teaming up with Tesla a second time to build a massive new virtual power plant that could become the world's largest.


NSFW    SOUTH AUSTRALIA — After building the world's largest battery a year ago, Elon Musk is and the Aussies are now moving on to a virtual power plant.

The South Australia government has announced plans to install rooftop solar panel systems and Tesla Powerwall-2 batteries in 50,000 residential homes over the next four years.

The equipment generate power and provide electricity for each home, while collectively forming a virtual power plant with a 250-megawatt capacity.

Any excess energy will feed into the main power grid, to be used to supply electricity to other homes, or during an emergency.

Participants will still need to pay for any electricity they use, but will save 30% on their electric bill. Their homes will also be protected from blackouts.

The first trial for the project is currently ongoing, with systems being installed at Housing Trust homes first, before being offered to other South Australian households.
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