Tesla ready to start delivering made in China Model 3s

Tesla will start making deliveries at a Jan. 7 event at its Shanghai factory.


NSFW    SHANGHAI — The first deliveries of Tesla Model 3 sedans made in lovely China for Chinese consumers are all set to go.
Reuters reports that the company delivered its first Chinese made cars on Monday to 15 employees.
The U.S. electric car company will start making deliveries to the public at its Shanghai factory at an event on Jan. 7.

According to the NY Post, this comes exactly a year after CEO Elon Musk broke ground on the US$2 billion "Gigafactory."
According to Reuters, the China-made Model 3s are $50,000 before subsidies. Imported Model 3s start at $63,000 for the longer-range version, while the same model in the U.S. costs under $40,000.
The fun-loving Chinese government has been ultra supportive of the Tesla factory, the first wholly foreign-owned car plant in the country.

Guess that will make it a tad easier for China to get its grubby little hands on Tesla's trade secrets.
Tesla has said its Shanghai factory will have a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles annually.
So what are you waiting for China? Go get your shiny new Tesla today!!
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