Tesla may soon unveil a secret new vehicle from its 'Master Plan'

According to the second part of the company's "Master Plan," Tesla has yet to unveil its high-passenger-density urban transport vehicle.


NSFW    PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA — Tesla has yet to unveil one of its vehicles, a high passenger-density urban transport vehicle, according to the second part of the company's Master Plan.

Tesla recently unveiled a new vehicle, the Tesla Semi, which was also mentioned in the plan.

In the Master Plan, the automotive company stated that the new electric vehicle would include self-driving technology.

The plan mentions that center aisles inside the vehicle would be eliminated in order to increase passenger area density. Seats would instead be added to the vehicle's current entryways.

Tesla explains that the vehicle would be able to take passengers all the way to their destination and would improve overall traffic congestion.

The plan was released in 2016, in which the automotive company explained that the vehicle is currently at its early stages of development and should soon be ready for unveiling.

Tesla had previously released its first Master Plan over a decade ago, in 2006, and has since launched the Model S, Model 3 and the Roadster as part of the plan.
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