Tennis grunting ban supported by Maria Sharapova


NSFW    What the Foul?

Maria Sharapova surprised everyone when she came out in support of the Women's Tennis Association decision to ban grunting. The controversial ban would be enforced for the next generation of tennis players.

Grunting during tennis matches has been a controversial subject matter for quite some time. Some believe it is a massive distraction from the game, while others claim it actually helps. The ban would only affect younger generations, forcing their trainers to teach them different breathing techniques.

The plan is to measure the decibel levels of tennis players' grunts by court-side detectors to ensure they were staying under an agreed-upon level. So far, these changes have only been discussed for women's tennis. Sexism much, WTA?

Everyone was shocked to find out Maria Sharapova came out in support of this ban, considering her screeches have gone over 105 dB, which is comparable to a chainsaw or speeding train. Her enthusiasm probably has something to do with the fact she wouldn't be affected by these changes.
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