Tennis Explainer - 2017 Summer Universiade


NSFW    The tennis scoring system is quite peculiar! When the score is zero it’s called “love”; love for each other. Points are called out at 15 (one point), 30 (two points), and 40 (three points). If both sides reach 40 (three points), it’s called as “deuce”. The side which wins the next point after deuce is said to have the “advantage”. If the side with the advantage wins the next point, that side wins the game. The side that wins six games first takes the set. If the score is tied at 5:5, one side needs to win two consecutive games to take the set. At a score of 6:6, the set will be determined by a 7th tiebreak game, and the winner takes the set.

After serving the ball, the receiver must allow the ball to bounce in the service box before returning the serve. Afterwards, the ball may be returned with or without the bounce.
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