Tennessee proposes law allowing drivers to run over protesters

Two Tennessee lawmakers have proposed a bill that will protect drivers from civil liabilities should they hit protesters who are blocking access to public roads.


NSFW    NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — As protesters march on streets across America, one state has decided its aggravated, law-abiding citizens need a way to fight back.

A bill proposed by Jonesborough, Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill will allow drivers in Tennessee to escape civil liabilities should they hit protesters who are blocking traffic, WCYB reported.

According to House Bill 668, civil immunity applies only if the driver was exercising due care and did not willfully or carelessly inflict the injury. If the act is intentional, drivers risk facing civil as well as criminal charges.

Hill claims the bill was written to address the issue of protesters putting themselves and the public in danger. But critics argue that the wording is vague and could potentially give drivers license to run over protesters. Others suspect it is a way to scare protesters from taking to the streets.

The bill will now be debated in the state legislature. If passed, HB 668 will take effect on July 1.
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