Tennessee man dips his nasties in customer's salsa over 89-cent tip



NSFW    MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE — Petty revenge over a bad tip has landed a dude in Tennessee in some seriously hot water.

The Daily Times reports that on January 12, a woman ordered Mexican food through the Dinner Delivered service and tipped 89 cents.

According to the Blount County complaint affidavit, driver Chaneese Booker picked up the food with pal Matt Web in tow, complaining about the low tip for a 30-minute drive.

As payback, Web decided to dip his nasty jalapeno poppers into the customer's salsa, with Booker filming the entire thing and laughing in the background.

The pair found messing with the woman's food so hilarious that they bragged about their shenanigans and sent the video of the deed to a group chat, where it was seen by April Pennington.

Pennington reported the disgusting duo to Dinner Delivered, and eventually put the video up on Facebook to expose them.

Booker ended up getting fired by the delivery service, while Web was arrested and is facing felony charges for "adulteration of food, liquids, or pharmaceuticals."
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