Temporary tattoo leaves UK kids with horrific burns

A UK mom is warning parents against letting their child get black henna tattoos, after her own kids got chemical burns from temporary tattoos they got on holiday.


NSFW    AGADIR, MOROCCO — A mom from the UK is warning parents to think twice before letting their kids get temporarily inked on holiday.

Her warning comes after her sons were left with horrific burns.

The Sun reports that while on a family getaway to Morocco, Toni Feeney's two kids asked to get henna tattoos. She agreed to let the boys get a Spiderman web and a dragon on their arms, thinking it would be harmless.

But turns out the dye being used was toxic black henna, which later triggered a severe reaction that caused the boys' skin to develop painful chemical burns.

Black henna contains PPD. It's the same substance found in black hair dyes, but henna pastes often have it in much higher concentrations than is legally allowed in the EU.

Doctors have put the boys on antihistamines and antibiotics to keep any infections at bay, with instructions not to put anything on the wounds. Both are now recovering.

Feeney has taken to Facebook to warn parents of the dangers of black henna tattoos, especially on young children.

The toxic black dye has been known to cause permanent scarring and in rare cases, life-threatening anaphylactic reactions.

It's been banned in countries like the UK, US, Canada, and Australia, but continues to be used countless holiday destinations worldwide.
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