Teens are eating Tide detergent pods in latest viral challenge

Doctors are warning against the latest online challenge to hit the internet, which involves teenagers popping laundry detergent pods into their mouths like it's candy.


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DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Some of this generation's teens are now ingesting Tide detergent pods … because the internet told them to.

CBS reports that the challenge might have started as a funny meme, since the pods have an uncanny resemblance to certain sugary treats.

Many a sweet-toothed toddler have grabbed the colorful pods thinking they were candy, and instead got a nasty surprise.

The tiny packets contain concentrated detergent, which is made from chemicals like ethanol and hydrogen peroxide, and meant to wipe out dirt and grime. Doctors warn that the chemicals can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and internal chemical burns.

Thousands of young kids have been injured from ingesting the pods, and at least one has died.

And yet here we have teenagers popping the damn things despite all the warnings. They display it all over the internet and dare other kids to follow suit, so they can become social media famous.

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