Teenager chokes cat, hurls it across the street and films the whole thing

A Cleveland teen had the great idea to post a video up to Facebook of him abusing and throwing a cat.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

A Cleveland teenager had the great idea of posting to Facebook a video selfie of him choking and throwing a cat for eating his dog’s food.

The video was posted and included this caption, “Mhmm finally caught that a**.”

The footage shows the idiot holding the cat by the throat while he talks to it saying, “You think it’s a mother******* game, huh? Keep on eating my dog food. You hear me? I’ll choke the s*** out of your dumb a**.”

He then hurls the feline across the street.

Authorities are now looking into the case. It should make things easier that the teenager was kind enough to make a video detailing the entire thing.

The cat, which has been named Claryssa, is now in the care of the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL). When interviewed, Claryssa said the teenger throws like a mother******* pussy.
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