Teen wakes to find bear chewing on his scalp, then drags him away

The bear bit Dylan on the head twice and dragged him roughly 10-12 feet away from the campsite.


NSFW    WARD, COLORADO — A camp counsellor experienced arguably the worst way to wake up when he heard the crunch of a bear’s teeth scraping across his skull.

On July 9 in a town northwest of Boulder, Wilderness Survival instructor Dylan, 19, was slumbering with fellow camp staff members when he suddenly he heard a “crunching” sound. It didn’t take long for him to realize the strange noise came from a black bear’s teeth piercing through his head and scraping across his skull.

Feeling the bear’s breath on the back of his neck, Dylan desperately tried to gouge the animals eyeballs. The bear having bitten him twice, it then dragged Dylan roughly 10-12 feet away from the campsite, but the other camp staff members managed to help scare the bear off.

Besides a few nasty scars, Dylan seems to be okay. Interviewed by KMGH, he claims he’s not afraid of the bears or of sleeping outside, and maintains we need to respect and be aware of the animals.

Unprovoked attacks from black bears are quite uncommon from a behavior standpoint, but as a safety precaution, wildlife officials did track one down. According to the Denver Channel, after having Dylan take a look to confirm the 280 lbs male was likely the one who came after him, the bear was euthanized.
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