Teen spikes step dad's drinks with cattle tranquilizer to be funny

That's some energy drink


NSFW    LIMA, WISCONSIN — A Wisconsin teen was busted for spiking his step dad's drinks with cattle tranquilizer, and apparently did it for funsies.

According to the criminal complaint, Tyler Rabenhorst-Malone is facing felony charges for placing foreign objects in edibles and second degree recklessly endangering safety.

It all began in January 2018, when the 17-year-old's stepfather went to the doctor for some pretty odd symptoms- he was stumbling, slurring his speech, breathing heavily, and had a droopy face.

Doctors chalked it up to one too many energy drinks, stress, and not enough snooze. But when it happened again, step figured something else was up.

In April, Mom reported that a box of oxytocin mixed with rompun went missing from the barn.

Step dad soon got suspicious that it was his step son was, and found two used syringes shoved in a corner of the barn that he thought the boy was using to mess with his drinks.

After he gave samples to the po-po, the state lab found both the drinks and syringes tested positive for Xylazine, which is used to sedate large animals.

When confronted, the teen told officers he never wanted to hurt his dad, and just did it to be funny.

Not funny now that you're about to go to jail though, is it?
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