Teen says she got 50 surgeries to transform into Angelina Jolie

An Iranian teen is on the receiving end of an internet backlash after claiming to have gone under the knife multiple times to look like her celebrity muse.


NSFW    TEHRAN, IRAN — An Angelina Jolie ultra-fan from Iran is going viral after journeying through a thousand cuts to look like her idol.

19-year-old Sahar Tabar claims she's undergone over 50 surgeries to to achieve her shocking transformation. She also lost a ton of weight in her quest to be as slim as Jolie, and now weighs just 88 pounds.

Tabar has been posting photos of her new look on her Instagram account, which has amassed nearly 500,000 followers.

Netizens have been pretty brutal with their comments, saying she looks more like Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride' than a Hollywood star.

Others aren't buying the crazy plastic surgery schtick, and believe she's using makeup and prosthetics to exaggerate her features. If she is, then those are some mad skills.

One user on Reddit is convinced she's using photoshop too, after spotting weird distortions in some of her photos.

Whatever it is, if internet fame was the end game, then she definitely got her 15 minutes.
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