Teen girl dies from aggressive cancer after suspicious toothache

What Cucu Putri Asih and her family first believed to be a mere toothache, turned out to be something much worse.


NSFW    JAVA, INDONESIA — A teenaged Indonesian girl from central Java has died after a trip to the dentist for a minor gum disorder revealed something much more serious: an aggressive cancer that ultimately proved fatal.

For some time Cucu Putri Asih had been complaining of a toothache. So off she went to the dentist, who decided it was wise to pull the infected molar.

But not only did the pain persist, it got worse. Her gums began to swell and, one after another, she began to lose more teeth. A doctor diagnosed it as a gingival tumor. It quickly grew, causing visible swelling to her face.

The cancer rapidly metastasized to her liver and her swollen cheek burst, spilling a foul yellow liquid. On Feb. 13, Purti passed away in hospital. She was 17 years old.
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