Teen basketball star 'comes out' in Kentucky, gets chased out of town

Everyone knows homosexuality can be transmitted through sweat, so these Kentucky high school basketball players’ anti-gay attitudes are completely understandable.


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Dalton Maldonado plays b-ball for Betsy Layne High School in Kentucky. He is also gay. He told a few close friends, but the info got out of the closet before he did. Evidently however, the thought of a gay man touching their basketballs is too terrifying for sissy players in Kentucky.

Back in December, during a game his team was losing horribly, a guy from the opposing side called out ‘Hey # 3, I hear you’re a faggot.’ Inwardly crushed, Dalton tried humor, responding, “Yeah, baby. Can I have your number?” After the game, Dalton confirmed his sexuality to his teammates, who took the news like men.

The troglodytes on the other team, however, kept the hate going, pounding on the school bus, yelling “faggot” and even chasing the bus in cars while making obscene gestures. The hate for Dalton and his team was such that police met the team at their hotel that day.

Dalton says the gay slurs have continued at every game since, but his team loves him, his friends are proud of him and he is now a loud and proud GAY basketball player.
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