Teacher tries to stop cheating with cardboard boxes on heads

It's in the box, yet so out of the box.


NSFW    OCOTLAN, MEXICO — A high school teacher has been suspended for his innovative way of getting his high school students to stop cheating during exams—he put cardboard boxes over their heads.
The Excelsior reported that teacher Luis Juarez Texis came up with the bright idea for his Ethics and Values class at the Bachilleres 01 El Sabinal School in Ocotlán.
Apparently, the students had all consented to the exercise before the test. Each box had two holes for the students to look out of, but their peripheral vision was totally blocked.
Unfortunately, after a photo of the boxes in action went viral over social media, some parents got hopping mad, calling the cardboard humiliating and violent. Violent?
After the backlash from parents, the school released a statement explaining that is was a "dynamic exercise" to help "the students' psychomotor development."
What the school should have just said is that your kids are cheating too much.
Comments over social media run the gamut from complete shock and horror, to total approval of the teacher's methods.
It's unclear if the box incident is being investigated any further.
Hey, sometimes in order to think out of the box, you have to get into the box.
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