Teacher plied teen boy with weed and booze before sleeping with him

After inviting the student over to her home, Ms. Valvo served him alcohol and marijuana to help “set the mood.” The two engaged in consensual sexual intercourse on five or six occasions.


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HERNANDO COUNTY, FLORIDA — A high school art teacher in Brooksville is rethinking her lesson plan after police were alerted to the extra credit assignments she’d issued to one of her students.

According to police, Valerie Michelle Valvo, 34, was keen on a 17-year-old male student in her class. After inviting him over to her home, she served him alcohol and marijuana to help “set the mood.” They engaged in sexual intercourse on five or six occasions, according to Valvo’s testimony to officers on March 22. The student, interviewed before Valvo, admitted to participating in the consensual exchange on at least three occasions at Valvo’s Spring Hill home.

In the state of Florida, a juvenile 17 years of age of under is not allowed to consent to a sexual relationship with an adult. Valvo has been charged on three counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She is currently out on a $15,500 bond.
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