Teacher drunk on box wine throws up in class, then gets arrested

The substitute teacher was behaving erratically and seen swigging wine from her purse before school administrators arrived to find her on the floor, vomiting.


NSFW    CAYCE, SOUTH CAROLINA — A substitute teacher in Cayce, South Carolina has been charged with public disorderly conduct after allegedly getting drunk on box wine during class last Friday.

Judith Richards-Gartee, 52, showed up to Brookland-Cayce High School intoxicated, local media WISTV reported, citing the police report.

Richards-Gartee was behaving erratically, and students said they saw her drink from a box of wine in her purse.

School administrators arrived to find her on the floor, throwing up.

Too drunk to walk, Richards-Gartee taken to the school nurse in a wheelchair. She was arrested by Lexington police for public disorderly misconduct and transported to a local hospital for treatment.

In a statement given to the media, the school district said Richards-Gartee was not an employee of the school. She works for Kelly Services, a company that contracts with the district to provide substitute teachers.
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