Teacher arrested in California accused of kidnapping student, 15

Police received an anonymous tip indicating that former high-school teacher Tad Cummins was in a cabin in a remote area of northern California with 15-year-old ex-student Elizabeth Thomas.


NSFW    CECILVILLE, CALIFORNIA — A 50-year-old ex-high school teacher has been charged with kidnapping after he was found in Northern California on Thursday with a 15-year-old former student who had been missing for weeks.

Former teacher Tad Cummins disappeared with student Elizabeth Thomas from Culleoka, Tennessee on March 13. The two were spotted shopping at a supermarket in Oklahoma City on March 15 but had not been seen since.

On April 20, the two were found in northern California, CNN reported.

Police said they received an anonymous tip on Wednesday, indicating that Cummins and Thomas were in a cabin in a remote area of Cecilville in Siskiyou County.”

Authorities then discovered Cummins’ vehicle in the area and put it under surveillance on Wednesday night.”

Cummins was arrested without incident on Thursday morning, while Thomas was safely recovered.

Authorities initially said Cummins was arrested at a commune. However, they later said he was arrested in a remote area and they were still gathering evidence.

Cummins has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor. Authorities were working to reunite Thomas with her family.
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