Taxi driver sees extremely rare Siberian tiger on the road

A Taxi driver in Hunchun, China witnessed the extremely rare Siberian tiger on a highway at night.


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HUNCHUN, CHINA — Taxi's usually pick up their most challenging customers at night, but this driver almost definitely wasn't expecting to have a Siberian Tiger at the side of the road.

Citing the Beijing Time, the Shanghaiist reported that the ultra-rare tiger was spotted late at night on a highway in the city of Hunchun, near the borders of both North Korea and Russia.

In the footage, the tiger is watching the taxi from the side of the road, before it crosses and begins walking away.

According to WWF, as little as 540 of these magnificent creatures remain, despite this, China dealt a massive blow to conservation efforts when it lifted a ban on the use of tiger parts for traditional medicine.
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