Tanacon: Ballsy attempt to create the anti-VidCon ends in disaster

Some 5,000 tickets were sold, but around 20,000 people showed up.


NSFW    ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA— A YouTuber’s convention she created to rival popular event VidCon wound up failing spectacularly at the weekend.

YouTuber Tana Mongeau got mad at Vidcon after they wouldn’t give her featured status at Vidcon 2018. That would’ve gave her extra security and a designated spot for her fans.
So Tana thought decided to do her own and partnered with organizers Good Times.

The con had a solid lineup, reportedly featuring dozens of YouTubers with everyone from Casey Neistat to Shane Dawson.

In a ballsy move, they hosted it on the same day, time and place as Vidcon and in Anaheim, California. She expected about 5,000 people with tickets but 20,000 showed up.
She gave the tickets away for free, charging $65 for VIP access. A vidcon community badge costs $150.

Problem was, Tana’s venue — the Marriott Suites — could hold a few thousand tops. Reportedly, the disorganization left some fans baking under the hot Cali summer sun for hours before getting in and then finding out there was not much to do.

On its first day — it was supposed to be run across two days — authorities shut it down because the whole thing was a damn fire hazard. Then thing got canceled, and let’s just say folks were mad.

Tana’s promised refunds, tweeting she’ll write the checks herself if she has to and also asking those who traveled far to email her to discuss compensation.
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