Taiwanese man survives 60 hours at sea on coffin lid


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A 42-year-old Taiwanese man surnamed Tseng, survived 60 hours at sea by clinging on to a coffin lid. Tseng was fishing for eels near Hualien on January 2 when he fell into the sea after being hit by a wave. Luckily, a coffin lid floated his way and he was able to cling on to it. He was in the water for nearly 60 hours before he was rescued near Taitung.

He was found on January 5 unconscious on the beach near Taitung. Rescuers initially thought Tseng was drunk sleeping on the shore. Police determined his identity and sent him to Hualien hospital’s Feng-Bin branch. Doctor said that Tseng suffered from hypothermia, dehydration and low blood pressure after being at sea for almost three days.

According to Tseng, at one point he was knocked off the coffin lid. He was forced to swim towards shore with all his remaining strength. He fell unconscious after reaching the shore.

Tseng was reunited with his girlfriend at the hospital, as she hugged him tightly and burst into tears. The captain of the rescue team said it was the first time that something like this has happened.
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