Taiwan's top general killed in Blackhawk helicopter crash

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen has suspended political campaigning and ordered flags flown at half staff.


NSFW    NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN — Taiwan's Chief of General Staff, General Shen Yi-ming, was en route to visit troops at a military base in Yilan when the Blackhawk helicopter he was traveling in crashed on Thursday, killing him and seven other officers.

Citing a military spokesman, the Liberty Times reports that the reason for the incident is unknown as visibility was good that day.

According to the United Daily News, the pilots reported favorable conditions for landing in their last communication at 8:07 p.m.

Shortly afterward, the military lost contact with the helicopter as the radar signature disappeared over a naval base in Yilan.

Citing first responders, the Liberty Times reports that the helicopter crashed to the west of its last reported location in the mountains between New Taipei City and Yilan.

Eight high-ranking officers and aircrew were killed, including Sheng. Five other passengers were rescued.

The United Daily News reports that a Military News Agency journalist, who was pinned by the wreckage, was able to call for help with her cellphone. She was rescued with injuries.

Another wounded officer helped guide rescuers to the crash site through heavy mist by blowing a rescue whistle.
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