Taiwan's Taipei City will test driverless night shuttles in 2020

The pilot program will transport the city's night owls along Xinyi road after the mass transit system shuts down.


NSFW    TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Taiwan's capital city of Taipei will test driverless shuttles in the second quarter next year, the Taipei Times reports.

According to the shuttle's designer and operator Turing Drive Inc, the vehicle features an NVIDIA DRIVE PX2 processor, a top-mounted LIDAR and front and rear cameras.

The shuttle is controlled by an AI that uses a deep learning algorithm to drive and has lower carbon emissions.

Citing the city's transportation director Chen Hsueh-tai, the Liberty Times reports that sensors will be installed at intersections to help the shuttle recognize traffic signs.

The Taipei Times reports that the pilot program will run on the part of the city's Xinyi road between the East Gate and the Keelung Road intersection at 30 kilometers per hour.

Officials told the Liberty Times that a safety operator will be present on the shuttle to intervene if necessary.

The shuttle line is to run during the closed hours of the city's mass transit system, or between midnight and 5:00 a.m.
Chen told the paper while the technology is not yet ready for daytime, running the shuttle at night will help residents commuting at late hours.
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