Taiwan presidential election heating up

And not necessarily in a good way.


NSFW    TAIWAN — As if there weren't already enough cooks in the kitchen, Taiwan's presidential election just got a lot hotter and a whole lot more crowded.
With Foxconn founder Terry Gou throwing his newly designed Trump-style hat into the ring, the taxi ride to the presidential office just took a massive detour.
President Tsai Ing-wen is facing a slight uphill battle in her quest for a second term, especially with former Premier William Lai both vying for the DPP candidacy.
On the KMT side, Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kou-yu was the clear front-runner before Terry got a call from the sea goddess Matsu telling him to run.

With Terry in the driver's seat, Taiwan would take a hard pivot toward China, away from the U.S. and Japan.
The billionaire will dangle his checkbook and no doubt push for a "peace" treaty with Beijing.

But Taiwan can rest assured—because it will obviously come with NO strings attached.
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