Taiwan plans military drills amid rising tensions with China

With China becoming increasingly aggressive in its military tactics, Taiwan is set to hold extensive military drills this year.


NSFW    TAIWAN — Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense has announced plans for crucial military drills to to defend against China.

The Taiwanese military drills are to be divided into four major parts this year, Focus Taiwan reports. This first part of the drills consists of a month of combat readiness training, followed by a month of live-fire exercises in the second quarter.

Taiwan's military also plans to hold drills of joint anti-landing operations as well as joint anti-airbourne exercises in the third and fourth quarter. Taiwan also plans to upgrade its existing 144 F-16 A/B fighter jets by spending around US$3.64 billion, reports DW.

The announcement comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping explained China would use military force to bring Taiwan back under their control if necessary. The Chinese military is becoming increasingly aggressive, with more Chinese naval vessels and fighter jets holding exercises near Taiwan, reports Focus Taiwan.

Speaking in a Focus Taiwan report, Taiwan's military spokesperson Chen Chung-Chi stressed that the drills are being held to prepare against invasion from the PRC.

Business Insider reports, the People's Liberation Army carried out 18,000 military drills last year alone.

SOURCES: Focus Taiwan, Deutsche Welle, Business Insider,
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