Taiwan implements one of the world's toughest bans on plastic

Taiwan is all set to completely ban plastic by 2030.


NSFW    TAIPEI — The island nation of Taiwan is all set to implement a complete ban on plastic by 2030.

According to Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration, the government will limit the use of plastic by implementing a plastic ban in phases, and is encouraging the public to use reusable straws and bags to help combat plastic pollution.

Starting later this year, stores are to be prohibited from providing in-store customers with single-use straws.

In 2020, stores will face fines if they provide customers with disposable utensils. Stores will also be restricted from providing plastic straws for take-outs.

Customers could choose to purchase plastic straws or bags if they are willing to pay extra to the store till 2025.

By the year 2030, Taiwan's plastic ban will be fully implemented, with stores completely banned from providing any plastic bags, disposable utensils, plastic cups, bottles and straws.
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