Taiwan gets ready for 2018 midterm elections

Taiwanese people will head to the polls on November 24.


NSFW    TAIPEI — Taiwan is set to have midterms on November 24 to select candidates for nine different levels of government, also being called the "nine-in-one" elections.
According to the National Interest, the highest levels up for election are the mayoral and county magistrates of cities and counties, down to the level of village wardens and indigenous district councils.

The minimum voting age in Taiwan is twenty years. Voters must fulfill a four-month residency requirement before being allowed to vote.

People need to bring three things with them in order to vote, their ID card, their chop stamp and their polling station slip.
As there is no absentee balloting, Taiwanese people must return to the cities where they are officially registered in order to cast their ballots.
Local elections are held every four years at intervals between national elections.
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