Syria's Addounia TV should not be on YouTube (but it is)

This TV channel was sanctioned by the U.S. in 2013.


NSFW    SAN BRUNO, CALIFORNIA — Syrian TV channel, Addounia TV is reportedly a privately owned Syrian government mouthpiece.

A company by the same name is mentioned on the U.S. sanctions list and they're displaying ads.

Their website: has a YouTube link, but it connects to an error page.
The website also connects to a Facebook page. and that page, like many others, has a YouTube section.

Videos in the YouTube section there shows the same AddouniaTV channel content and has the same YouTube handle. Also the videos on the page's YouTube section take you directly to the AddouniaTV YouTube channel.

And when we used a VPN from the U.S. to watch that channel, we found that some videos like this one were displaying ads on some content. And why might that be bad?

Previously, in 2011, the EU and Australia sanctioned Addounia TV for inciting violence against Syrian civilians.
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