Swarm of 80,000 of bees sting woman more than 200 times

The woman was just getting her cleaning supplies out of her car.


NSFW    CALIFORNIA — A lady was stung by a swarm of nearly 80,000 bees, reports CBS News.

The 52-year-old cleaning lady was just going about her day, getting her cleaning supplies from the car when the bees decided to attack.

Apparently the poor woman was attacked viciously with the bees in her hair, and "crawling all over her face."

The firefighters reportedly didn't even have enough time to put on protective gear..they just grabbed a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and made a run.

As a result, the brave firefighters were injured with two of them needed medical treatment.

An ambulance took the woman to the hospital. Meanwhile, bee experts arrived at the scene to get rid of the giant beehive.

According to reports from CNN, the Fire Authorities commented saying the woman is recovering and "expected to survive."

That was a close one.
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