Suspect dead; 5 injured in GOP baseball shooting in Virginia

Majority House whip Steve Scalise is in critical condition after a lone gunman fired more than 50 shots at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.


NSFW    ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA — A gun-wielding man with a reported deep hatred of President Trump opened fire on GOP lawmakers at a baseball field on Wednesday, critically injuring the House Majority whip.

The New York Times reports that the shooter was positioned behind the fence of the Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia. He fired shots from near the third dugout, as Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise was on second base. Multiple people ran for cover, hiding in the first base dugout.

The gunman is believed to have used an SKS rifle and a 9 mm pistol, firing at least 50 rounds during the attack.

Scalise was hit with a single rifle shot to the left hip, which fractured bones and damaged internal organs as it made its way across his pelvis. He reportedly dragged himself 15 yards to the outfield, and lay there until the shooting ended. He was rushed to the hospital, and is still in critical condition, according to CNN.

The gunman was killed following a shootout with police. Four others have been reported injured, including a Congressional staffer, a lobbyist, and two Capitol police officers.

Authorities have identified the suspect as 66-year-old Illinois resident James Hodgkinson.

Described as a Bernie Sanders supporter and angry over the election of President Donald Trump, the suspect had for weeks been spotted sitting at the nearby YMCA, which had a clear view of the baseball field.
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